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A high school should provide an engaging and dynamic learning experience that allows for 

individual growth.  Belfast Area High School aspires to foster academic excellence, curiosity, the acquisition of knowledge and learning skills, and social / cultural development for all students.  

     The core values of our high school emphasizes collaborative learning, listening and respectful dialogue, and respectful behavior toward ourselves, others, and our school environment.   Our school community nurtures honesty, fairness, and respect for diversity and ideas that may be different from our own.   The curriculum should academically challenge each student, and all students should have the opportunity to work on their problem solving skills to become educated and highly functioning citizens.  To that end, students are given opportunities to learn self-reliance when problem solving and are also encouraged to know where to look for additional support when needed.  

    It is the goal of BAHS, that all students will acquire the skill set to become honorable, independent, creative, and responsible citizens committed to the improvement of their communities and a lifetime of personal growth.  

     At Belfast Area High School we offer several levels of most courses.  Your parents, teachers, and high school counselors can help you choose courses at the level that will help you reach your academic potential and obtain your goals.  If you or your parents have any questions concerning your choice of classes, please contact the appropriate school counselor depending on the student’s last name (see below).  We always welcome your questions or feedback.