Latest Athletic Information

Suspended Sports Programs until Monday, October 26th

There are now 46 active cases of covid in Waldo county, 11 of these were reported by the CDC Monday, October 19th.

Everyone, please be careful out there and help stop the spread. Keep distance, wash hands, keep track of your whereabouts and limit unnecessary contacts.

Due to this spike, we are suspending all sports from October 16-25th. We will reschedule all the postponed games as soon as possible. All practices have been cancelled.

We plan to fully resume our sports programs on Monday, October 26th.

All Conference Honors Awarded

Congratulations to 23 Lions for achieving KVAC all-conference academic honors! Tip your hats to Jason Bartlett, Steven Friel, Lindsey Goughnour, Sawer Carson, Hailee Lindelhof, Christopher Kelley, Joshua Fairbrother, Matthew LeBlanc, Kiara Doolen, Thomas Walker, Sarah Woods, Sarah, Fuller, Emily Woods, Jordan Kulbe, Summer Deans, Ethan Hall, Audrey Lagerbom, Sadie Wheeler, Lillie Mitchell, Daniel Snider, Amelia Jacobson, Caitlin Maddocks and Hannah Littlefield.

BAHS Golf Completes Outstanding Season

Congratulations to the BAHS golf team on finishing 8th overall in Class B at the 2020 state championship meet at Natanis.

Well done Tommy Walker, Thomas Parker and James Ritter for achieving all KVAC golf honors! Well done!

Congratulations to the BAHS Golf Team for qualifying for team and individual state championships at Natanis. Our top five golfers all made the cut. Kudos to Thomas Parker, Tommy Walker, James Ritter, K.J. Payson and Hagen Chase and good luck at the championships!

You can find our schedules, rosters, scores/standing and coaches at the links below.