International Baccalaureate 

About the IB

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in education—developing inquiring, knowledgeable, confident, and caring young people. IB programs empower school-aged students to take ownership in their own learning and help them develop future-ready skills to make a difference and thrive in a world that changes fast.

Delivering a powerful continuum of student-centric learning for students aged 3-19 years.

The IB continuum of programs are designed to develop well-rounded individuals who can respond to today’s challenges with optimism and an open mind.

For over 50 years, the four IB programs provide a solid, consistent framework and the flexibility to tailor students’ education according to their culture and context.   

IB programs enable teachers to develop resilient, self-motivated young people who have the knowledge, skills, and sense of purpose they need to thrive throughout their lives and contribute to making the world a better place.  

Belfast Area High School formally applied for candidacy to officially offer the IB's Career Related Program in the fall of 2022. We anticipate that the application and candidacy process will take around two years after which time, we hope to offer the CP and CP Diplomas to BAHS students. The documents available on this page provide more information about the IB and the Career Related Program.