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Student of the Month

In an effort to help raise student aspirations at Belfast Area High School, the staff instituted a “Student of the Month” program, beginning in April of 2011.  This program will recognize a boy and a girl at each grade level based on teacher nominations, with subsequent voting by all staff.  The CORE Mission Statement of the school will provide the criteria for selection: a clear and effective communicator, a self-directed and life-long learner, a creative and practical problem solver, a responsible and involved citizen, a collaborative and quality worker, and an integrative and informative thinker. The students will receive a t-shirt, a certificate of recognition, and enjoy a pizza luncheon with the Principal. Additionally, each student will have his or her picture prominently displayed in the school lobby and on the school’s web site.

History of BAHS Students of the Month Recipients since inaugural honorees in April 2011:
April 2011 : 9th graders Asa Lewis & Romy Carpenter, 10th graders Grant Richards & Danielle Black, 11th graders Jamie Jackson & Rose Hyland, and 12th graders Patric Skigen & MaryKate Bickford.

May 2011: 9th graders Allie DellaMattera and Evan Schweikert, 10th graders Courtney Drinkwater and Nick Fortin, 11th graders Allie James and Noah Fishman and 12th graders Emma Hamm and Nathan Howard.

June 2011: 9th Graders Kelsey Grass and David Flood, Sophomores Alex Njaa and Damion Benner, Juniors Claire Olson and Jacob Campbell, and graduating Seniors Kaitlyn Schweikert and Jared Alley.  

September 2011: 9th graders Hannah Lynam & William Hyland, 10th graders Meggie Simmons & Ari Snider, 11th graders Liddy Clapp & Grant Richards, and 12th graders Allison James & Jamie Jackson.

October 2011: 9th graders Sarah James and Chase McIntire, 10th graders Maddison Cummings and Evan Schweikert, 11th graders Maria Swebilius and Owen Sterrs, and 12th graders Abigail Wessels and Wes Sterrs.

November 2011: 9th graders Emma Sturdevant, Adam Littlefield; 10th Grade: Emma Moesswilde, Asa Lewis; 11th Grade: Julia Ward, Jon Clapp; 12th Grade: Lila Carpenter, Tyler McDevitt

Combined December 2011/January 2012:  9th Grade: Catey McGinn and Kameron Culbertson; 10th Grade: Romy Carpenter and David Flood; 11th Grade: Katrina Lapham and Kaleb Benjamin; 12th Grade: Brooklyn Curry and Scott Kulikowski

February 2012 Students of the Month:  9th Grade: Jensen Sheafe & Colton Ridley; 10th Grade: Elidan Mehuren & Larry Nickerson; 11th Grade: Noura Al-Matrouk & Greg Stevens; 12th Grade: Kate Howard & Stephen Hess

March 2012 Students of the Month are Grade 9: Audrey Lightner & Matt Smith; Grade 10: Lacee Durkee & Curtis Warren, Grade 11: Kaylee Pickering & Peter Kelley; Grade 12: Courtney Rumney & Taylor Peabody

Students of the Month for April 2012: 9th Grade: Anna Struba & Sam Kulikowski; 10th Grade: Dakota Black & Jack Schnetzer; 11th Grade: Geneva Bielenberg & Stephen Colby; 12th Grade: Emma Bonneville & Ben Lowe

Students of the Month for May 2012 -  9th Grade: Autumn Jackson & Ben Trundy;  10th Grade: Hannah Bailey & Peter Brunette; 11th Grade: Danielle Black & Larry Dyer; 12th Grade: Brooke Stanley & Ben Shepherd

Student of the Month September 2012 -  9th Grade: Lucie Bonneville, Patrick Groening;  10th Grade: Catherine McGinn, Will Hyland; 11th Grade: Kristine Mehuren, Evan Schweikert;  12th Grade: Liddy Clapp, Damion Benner

Students of the Month October 2012 - 9th Grade: Alexis Racioppi, Leander Andrews; 10th Grade: Hannah Lynam, Austin Sprague; 11th Grade: Romy Carpenter, Jack Schnetzer; 12th Grade: Lexi Nelligan, Kal Ihnken

Students of the Month November/December 2012 - 9th Grade: Kelci Faulkingham, Jackson Winslow; 10th Grade: Sarah James, Anthony Defeo; 11th Grade: Autumn Stupca, Michael Reynolds; 12th Grade: Maria Swebelius,  Grant Richards

Students of the Month January 2013:  9th Grade: Alyson Peabody, Emery Dinsmore;  10th Grade: Emma Sturdevant, Kyle Artkop; 11th Grade: Lacey Durkee, Ethan Merrifield; 12th Grade: Jessica Bergstrom, Dakota Wing

Student of the Month February 2013: 9th Grade: Sadee Mehuren, Drew Nealey;  10th Grade: Crystal Nadeau, Ethan Campbell; 11th Grade: Madison Cummings, Curtis Warren; 12th Grade: Jordan Ghent, Owen Sterrs

March/April 2013 -  9th Grade: Hannah Greene, Jordan Bickford; 10th Grade: Kylene Hall, Kameron Culbertson; 11th Grade: Hannah Bailey, Tae Sung Yun; 12th Grade: Danielle Black, Albert Ray

September 2013: 9th Graders Hannah Richards and Garrett Hamlin; 10th graders Olivia Sanborn and Jordan Bickford; 11th Graders Maylinda Boynton and Kameron Culbertson; 12th Grade honorees Allison DellaMattera and Darrien Mitchell.

October 2013: 9th Grade - Anna Baiungo and Max Howard; 10th Grade - Alicia Gaiero and Rick Wyman; 11th Grade - Catey McGinn and Will Hyland; 12th Grade - Romy Carpenter & (male co-honorees) Ari Snider & Greg Clark. 
November-December 2013:  9th Graders are Mikayla Artkop and Travis Tran;  10th Graders are Alison Walker and co-honorees Austin Bergstrom & Jackson Winslow; 11th Graders Matt Oxton and co-honorees Grace Bagley & Autumn Jackson; 12th Grade honorees are Curtis Warren and Autumn Stupca.
January 2014: 9th Graders Abigail Berry and Malcolm Dunson-Todd, 10th Graders Hannah Greene and Bronson Stevens, 11th Graders Hannah Lynam and Levi Lapham, as well as Seniors Jessie Knight and Evan Schweikert.

February 2014:   9th graders Katy King and Zach Dyer; 10th graders Kelci Dyer and Emery Dinsmore;11th graders Julia Costa and Ethan Campbell; and 12th graders Grace Davis and Korey Doolan. 
March 2014: 9th Graders Hunter Merchant and Nick Jones, 10th Graders (co-honorees) Alexis Racioppi and Lucie Bonneville, as well as Noah Howard, 11th Graders  Zoe Gardiner and Matt Smith and 12 Graders Kyah Watson-Fountaine and Doug Wich. 

April 2014: 9th Graders Alaa Al-Matrouk and Zane Bielenberg; 10th Graders JaShelle Hall and Caleb Whitney; 11 Graders Kirsten Caswell and Brandon Waterman; as well as 12th Graders Paige Pray-Smith and Michael Schnetzer

May/June 2014: 9th Graders Kylie Nelson and Grant Stupca, 10th Graders Karagan Blood and Alex Fritz, and 11th Graders Kaitlin Goslant and Fouad Al Matrouk.

September 2014: 9th Graders Emma Mehuren and Shawn Kivlin, 10th Graders Abigail Berry and Tyler Macleod, 11th Graders Olivia Sanborn and Drew Nealey, and 12th Graders Maylinda Boynton and Will Hyland.

October 2014: 9th Graders Olivia LaRoche & Jacob Racioppi, 10th Graders Eilha Charbonnier & Noah Thomas, 11thGraders Kelci Faulkingham & Peter Spectre, and 12th Graders Hannah Lynam & Adam Littlefield

November/December 2014:  9th Graders Kristina Walker and Tyler Bartlett, 10th Graders Kristyn Curtis and Malcolm Dunson-Todd, 11th Graders Alexis Racioppi and Dakota Coleman, as well as 12th Graders Kristina Hill and Aiden Ripley

January 2015: 9th Graders Olivia Lovejoy and Evan Kennedy, 10th Graders Lyta Mitchell and Max Howard, 11th Graders Lucie Bonneville and Patrick Groening, as well as 12th Graders BingYing Dong and Kameron Culbertson! 
February/March 2015: 9th Graders Amber Brayall and Grey Dinsmore; 10th Graders Emily Harriman and Ethan Lapham; Juniors Alyson Peabody and Rick Wyman; and Seniors Emma Sturdevant and Matt Smith. 

April/May 2015: 9th Graders Zoe Deans and Skylar Perkins, 10th Graders Anna Baiungo and Travis Tran, 11th Graders Alison Walker and Jordan Bickford, and 12th Graders Anna Struba and Levi Lapham.

September 2015: 9th Graders Lauren Blood and Ryan Fitzjurls, 10th Graders Zoe Deans and Hosler Whitney, 11th Graders Anna Baiungo and Travis Tran, and 12th Graders Anna Simmons and Jackson Winslow

October 2015: 9th Graders Skyla Gray and Conrad Larrabee, 10th Graders Madison Hemingway and Tiger Lee, 11th Graders Abigail Berry and Shane Alley, and 12th Graders Alison Walker and Jordan Bickford.

November 2015: 9th graders Mackenzie Banks and Grady Doolan, 10th graders Macartney Wyatt and David Warren, 11th graders Emily Harriman and Zach Sheafe, as well as12th graders Alex Johnson, Dejaleen Charbonnier, and Kevin Miller. 

December/January 2015-16: 9th graders: Hannah Sanderson and Sam Davis; 10th graders: Olivia Hills and Charlie Lagerbom; 11th graders: Faith Beaulieu and Grant Stupca;12th graders: Alyson Peabody and Drew Nealey

February 2015-16: 9th Graders - Angela Rogers and co-honorees Aiden Pike & Brendan Moline; 10th Graders - Emily Joliffe and Tyler Bartlett; 11th Graders - Hadley O'Malia  and Tyler Stickney, 12th Graders - Jen Larrabee and Parker LaFrance

March 2016 - 9th Graders:Thea Cannon, Jennifer Saucier, and Drew Robson; 10th Graders: Olivia LaRoche, Declan Wyatt, and Evan Kennedy; 11th Graders:Jacqueline Awalt and Andrew Cross; 12th Graders: Hannah Greene and Bronson Stevens

April/May 2016 - 9th Graders Ayla Fitzjurls and Donald Patten, 10th Graders Samantha Hills and Christian Sukeforth, 11th Graders Katy King and Garrett Hamlin, and 12th Graders Alicia Gaiero and Collin Whitney.


September 2016 - 9th Graders - Grace Fitzjurls & Josh Chun, 10th Graders - Kahla Braley & co-honorees Ryan Fitzjurls & Max Lewis, 11th Graders - Olivia LaRoche & James Noah Robbins, as well as 12th Graders - Mikayla Artkop & Max Howard

October 2016 - 9th Graders - Kayci Faulkingham and Daniel Groening; 10th Graders - Lauren Blood and Matthew Kelley; 11th Graders - Zoe Deans and Charlie Lagerbom; 12th Graders - Katy King and Shane Alley. 

November-December 2016 - 9th graders Chloe Harvey and Fletcher Marriner, 10th Graders Ayla Fitzjurls and Phil Linscott, 11th Graders Alexia Sweet and Ricky Smith, and 12th Graders Emily Harriman and Ian Snowdeal.

January/February 2017 - 9th Graders Kayla Payson and Elijah Silveira Charbonnier, 10th Graders Mackenzie Banks and Damien Tripp & Quinnten Silveira Charbonnier, 11th Graders Samantha Hills and Shawn Kivlin & Declan Brinn, 12th Graders Victoria Curtis and Caleb Hilt

March 20179th Graders: Anna Coleman and Joe Potter, 10th Graders: Shera Hilt and Brian Rollerson, 11th Graders: Sabrina Wood and Chase Curry, as well as 12th Graders: Lyta Mitchell and Malcolm Dunson-Todd

April/May 2017 - 9th Graders Alicia Berube and Timmy Smith; 10th Graders Angela Rogers, Brendan Moline, and Aiden Pike; 11th Graders Kelsey Mehuren and Tyler Bartlett; and 12 Graders Abigail Berry and Adam Cross.

The "Student of the Month" activity is currently dormant....... check back later!