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National Honor Society

Selection Procedure into our Chapter of the National Honor Society

        *  Must be enrolled within our school
        *  Must have been a student at BAHS for a minimum of 1 full semester

 Selection of Students:
        *  Starting at the end of January of EACH year
        *  Students must be a Junior OR Senior
        *  Students are eligible if they have a flat 90.0 Cumulative GPA 

Start of Process:
        *  Students eligible will receive a form to fill out listing information regarding the four pillars of NHS:  Scholarship, Leadership, Service, & Character

        *  Students who desire to be a part of the NHS will turn in the form by the date indicated.

        *  An anonymous 5 member faculty council will convene to consider the forms that were turned in by students.  They will make the decision regarding who will be accepted into our chapter of the NHS.  They will do this based on the form the students turned in AND the behavior disciplinary information on infinite campus.

        *  Letters of acceptance or denials will be SENT home once the decisions are made.

        *  Students must turn in their National Honor Society Honor Code by the date           

Induction Ceremony:

           *  Information will be sent home in the acceptance letter stating when this will be.