IC Parent Portal FAQ


The InfiniteCampus Parent Portal?
The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is a tool for parents to access their student's information in a secure and timely manner.  Information such as: grades, assignments, schedules, discipline, fees, report cards and transcipts will be available.  

Please Note:  Not all modules mentioned above are available at all schools in RSU 20.

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal will also enhance communication with parents and teachers.

Who is eligible to have a Parent Portal Account?
Parents/Guardians of currently enrolled students are eligible for an account.  Please follow the steps to the right of this page to setup an account.

What are the computer specifications to access the Parent Portal? Click here for an up to date list of specifications.

Who do I contact if I am having issues?
This will depend on what the issue is.  If it has anything to do with student grades, attendance, fees, demographic data, etc. click here to view a contact chart.  If it deals with Infinite Campus technical issues such as unable to login or forgot password, contact icsupport@rsu20.org

How do Quarter, Semester and Final grades get calculated?
BAHS Grade Calculations:  
Quarter Grades - these grades are derived from the groups and assignments in the teacher gradebook.  Categories will vary by teacher.
Semester Grades - Semester grades are tallied using Quarter grades and an exam grade.  
Semester 1 = Q1 40% + Q2 40% + Midyear 20%
Semester 2 = Q3 40% + Q4 40% + Final 20%

Final Grades - The Final Grade is derived from the total of the 2 semester grades.
Semester 1 = 50%
Semester 2 = 50%

How do I change my password? What happens if I forget my password?
To change your password, click the Change Account Info link in the left menu pane after you login to the parent portal.  If you forget your password and/or your account is disabled, contact the school, be prepared with the birthdate of a child and answers to the security questions you submitted on your application form.

I have been locked out of the Portal. 
After three unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be disabled and you will be locked out of the Portal.   Please contact the school to get your account reset.  Click here to find the contact information for your child's school.

You will be asked the DOB of your student and at least one of the security questions you filled out in the Parent Portal Registration Form.

Popup blockers (Windows Popup Blocker, Google Toolbar Popup Blocker, Yahoo Toolbar Popup Blocker, etc.) will block reports from being viewed even if you have Adobe Reader 7 or higher installed. Be sure that you either turn your popup blockers off or choose an option to always allow the JCPS Parent Portal to bypass the popup blocker.

If you have a symbol in your username that is not a letter or number, it may prevent you from viewing reports and other Portal data. Your username should contain only numbers and/or letters.

I can access the portal from one computer but have problems when I try to access it from another.
There could be many reasons for this. Here are a few things to check: 
  • Check the computer settings to see if they are set appropriately to view the Portal.

  • Some companies set security to block Web sites, and if this is so, you may not be able to view the site at your work. (You might be able to check with the Information Technology person at your place of employment regarding this.)

  • Your popup blocker may be blocking the Portal. If so, you will need to either turn the popup blocker off or accept the page to bypass the popup blocker.
When I click on the e-mail icon to e-mail a teacher, it asks for a password or wants me to install a program. What is the problem? 
When you click on the e-mail icon, if your e-mail program is set as the default program in your computer, your e-mail will automatically open a new message for you to send to the teacher. If the program does not open, your computer doesn't have a default e-mail set up. Open the Control Panel on your computer, and go to Internet Options and then Programs to check your e-mail selection.