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Junior Information

         Important things to remember if you are a Junior...

Please stop by the guidance office to schedule a Junior Interview with your counselor to discuss future plans. Junior Interviews begin in the spring. Check back for more details.

All Juniors will be taking the mandatory SAT on Tuesday, April 12th

Click here for the Junior Presentation done in the spring by the guidance counselors.


High School Aspirations Program

This option will help you enroll in one college level course at the Hutchinson Center. If accepted you will be given a scholarship that will cover the cost of Tuition and Fees. The cost of books will be your responsibility. The High School Aspirations Program is available for one semester only. Students cannot apply for a consecutive semester course unless they were not accepted previously.

Step 3. Obtain an official High School transcript from your Guidance Office
Step 4. Obtain a recommendation letter from a teacher or guidance counselor
Step 5. Deliver packet to Student Services at the Hutchinson Center

Your application packet will then be delivered to the University of Maine campus Office of Undergraduate Admission. It will be reviewed and a decision will be made to allow you to register for the course. You will receive a letter in the mail awarding you access to the course. Contact Student Services to register, get your books, sign up for your email account, and get everything you need to take the course. The course you take  will be entered on your new college transcript, which you can use for admission, transfer credit, or high school credit*

*For High School transfer credit information please consult with your guidance office.