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Financial Aid Resources

Financial Aid PowerPoint Presentation by Guidance Counselors click here

FAFSA on the web worksheet - This worksheet is filled out ahead of time to make online entering of information simpler.

 Federal Student Aid FAFSA4caster
Understanding financial aid.  What is federal student aid? Who qualifies? How do you apply? Get an early start on the financial aid process by learning the basics now.

 FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
1. Get organized!
To simplify the application process, gather required documents and other information ahead of time.

2. Fill out the application!
The FAFSA has seven steps that ask about you, your financial information, your school plans, and more.

3. View your results online!
You can check the status of your application, make corrections to a processed FAFSA, and get other information.

The above link will provide you with online assistance in completing the PROFILE.  You may access the student guide to the PROFILE and a list of college and universities that accept this form.

How much will school cost?  What do I need to save?  How much aid will I need?  
Try a Financial Aid Calculator

www.finaid.org/calculators/ - financial aid calculator

www.act.org/fane/index.html - calculator on the ACT website