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BAHS Seniors Enjoy "A Money Management Experience Fair"

posted Oct 19, 2018, 7:35 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Oct 19, 2018, 7:37 AM ]

On Wednesday, October 10th, 89 seniors from BAHS and SDHS attended an event that provided them an interactive opportunity to learn about financial fitness.  Students spent the morning at the Hutchinson Center participating in "A Money Management Experience Fair" presented by the Maine Credit Union League.  This event is similar to the game of “LIFE”, where participating students are given a career and monthly income and then have to visit booths associated with various expenses that the average adult is faced with each month; costs such as transportation, housing, clothing, food, student loans, insurance and several other everyday expenses, are filled in on a monthly budget form by each student; at the end of the event, the goal is for students to have a monthly budget that does not exceed monthly income.

Special thank you to the staff at the Hutchinson Center for all of their help during the preparation and throughout the event, to Bonnie Kein and Waldo County Technical Center for the providing snacks for our break, to Jon Cox for driving one of the busses, to Tara Doolan and Belfast Variety for the wonderful lunch that the students were served at the end of the event, and especially to Leon and all of his volunteers from the Kennebec Valley Chapter of Credit Unions.

            Feedback from students included:

What did you like best about today’s event?

·      Learning that you need to make sacrifices but also consolidate expenses

·      That it prepares me for thinking about my future life

·      The guy speaker was hilarious

·      Learning about life after college

·      Interacting with people who helped us

·      Going to all the booths

·      The opportunities to get more info

·      I liked that I learned a lot about life out of high school and college

Did you learn something new today that you will be able to use in your own personal life?

·      I will work to get good credit score because it pays off

·      Cut costs and save money

·      Finances are very important

·      The savings for 52 weeks trick

·      How to budget and prioritize

·      Credit score is important

·      How to budget/knowing you need to

·      How to save money

·      Life choices about money

Suggestion/comments to help us plan a similar event for next year

·      I loved this event.  I found the information every useful, wish it was more indepth.

·      Definitely an important/good thing to do for students

·      I loved this, it was so much fun and a great experience!

·      Add sections for insurance, taxes, stock market, medical