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Senior Academic Honors and Awards

posted Jul 8, 2013, 5:18 AM by butch.richards@rsu20.org
The following students were recognized this spring for their academic excellence:

Class Valedictorian: Maria Swebilius, Salutatorian Liddy Clapp, and First Honor Essayists Rachel Kahn and Eve Norberg.  Additional students graduating in the top five percent of their class academically (in alphabetical order) were Danielle Black, Courtney Drinkwater, Hannah Keyes, Katrina Lapham, Alexandra Njaa, Grant Richards and Julia Ward.  Students who graduated in the top ten percent of the class included Zakary Alderson, Geneva Bielenberg, Jonathan Clapp,  Larry Dyer, Alex Fogg, Noel Knowlton, Natishia Larrabee, Jen Marlow, Stephen Paul, Kaylee Pickering, Killyan Richards, Seneca Underwood, and Kyle Williams.  Congratulations on this fine academic achievement over the past four years!

Seniors named as the top Honor student in Subject Fields were Hanna Keyes in Fine Arts, Liddy Clapp in English and Spanish, Alexandra Njaa in Latin, Grant Richards in Music, and Maria Swebilius in Math, Science, Social Studies, and French.  Congratulations on these distinctive awards!

Seniors who are members of the Waldo County Tech Honor Society are Alexander Fogg, Kaitlyn Johnson, and Robert Currier.
National Honor Society senior members include Geneva Bielenberg, Danielle Black, Jon Clapp, Liddy Clapp, Courtney Drinkwater, Hannah Keyes, Katrina Lapham, Natishia Larrabee, Jennifer Marlow, Allie Njaa, Eve Norberg, Stephen Paul, Kaylee Pickering, Grant Richards, Julia Ward, Killyan Richards, and Maria Swebilius.  

In this year's graduating class, attending college is in the immediate future for 89 graduates, 5 are joining the Marines and Army, and 38 have plans to join the work force, travel, delay post secondary education, or other options.