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Important Info from the Guidance Office in Regards to Opening of School: Please Read!

posted Aug 9, 2018, 6:32 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Aug 9, 2018, 6:34 AM ]

August, 2018

Dear Belfast Area High School students and parents,

It is almost that special time of year to return to school! We all look forward to seeing you soon, and hope that you have recharged your battery and come to school with great energy and anticipation.

Incoming 9th graders had their schedule’s for the upcoming year mailed recently. Returning 10th, 11th, and 12th graders received their schedule in the spring and should be able to access it on IC. Your username is your last name, first initial, 2 digit year of graduation @rsu71.org. Your password is unchanged. Please take some time to review your schedule. If a class is missing, or you need to make a change, please follow these guidelines.

·                   The Counseling Department will be open beginning on Tuesday, August 21 to assist with scheduling issues.

·                   It is advised that you call 338-1790 x308 to schedule an appointment with your counselor. Appointments may be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 and 2:00.

·                   The counselors will be busy with an ‘all staff’ workshop on August 28. Therefore, students should do their best to schedule appointments during the week of August 21.

·                   You may try to ‘drop-in’ to meet with your counselor, but those with a scheduled appointment will have preference.

·                   You may try to email your counselor with your scheduling issue, however, an in-person meeting is probably better.

·                   All students should have at least six courses each semester.

·                   PLEASE DO NOT wait until the first day of school to make a schedule change. Please schedule an appointment in August if you need to make a change.

·                   A reminder that school begins for 9th graders with an Orientation Day on Thursday, August 30. All upperclassmen will report on Friday, August 31.

·                   VERY IMPORTANT FOR PARENTS OF ALL INCOMING 9th GRADERS – YOU ARE INVITED to attend a Parent Orientation Program from 12:45 – 2:00 on Thursday, August 30. We strongly recommend that at least one parent of each new BAHS student attend this annual out-reach program.




Tonya Ballard                                                             James Davis

tballard@rsu71.org                                                      jdavis@rsu71.org

School Counselor                                                       Dir. of Counseling

Last (A-K)                                                                 (L-Z)


MaryLou Hutchins                                                       Ruth Richards

Administrative Assistant                                               Registrar                                                                


From Ms. McLean in Regards to Laila:

posted Aug 8, 2018, 8:30 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Aug 8, 2018, 9:38 AM ]

It is with great sadness that I share with the RSU #71 community that we have lost one of our very brightest lights.   

Belfast Area High School student Laila Al-Matrouk died today (Tuesday), following an accident on Sunday. She was struck by a car while riding her bicycle onto Route 1. 

Troy Howard Middle School will be open tomorrow, Wednesday, August 8, from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  There will be counselors, nurses and administrators on hand to help grieving students, staff and community members.

There will also be a candlelight gathering of people grieving the loss of this beloved child at Harbor Park in Belfast on Saturday evening August 11.  The time of the gathering and other details will be shared as they become known.

Mary Alice McLean
RSU # 71 Superintendent of Schools
(207) 338 - 1960

The 4th Quarter Honor Roll is Announced.... Congratulations!

posted Jul 2, 2018, 9:53 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Jul 2, 2018, 9:54 AM ]




Quarter 4

Grade 9


Alice Andrews, Ashley Blais, Isabel Baughman, Ruby Day, Summer Deans, Kaitlyn Duffelmeyer, Alice Dyer, Ethan Hall, Emily Hills, Audrey Lagerbom, Lillie Mitchell, Madisyn Morse, Sadie Wheeler, Emily Woods.


Jason Bartlett, Blaine Boland, Macy Burgess, Madison Burgess, Sawyer Carson, Anjelika Cheskin, Orianna Cort, Kiara Doolan, Adrian Doyne-Ditmas, Sophia Fay, Lucas Frazee, Steven Friel, Sarah Fuller, Lindsey Goughnour, Ali Greene, Hailey Hall, Jasmin Harvey, Shelby Hooper, Christopher Kelley, Nicholas Kelley, Julia Kelly, Willoe Kirkpatrick, Jordan Kulbe, Matthew LeBlanc, Grace Littlefield, Hannah Littlefield, Caitlin Maddocks, Hannah Marsden, Ruth-Anne Pease, Finnigan Tarbox, Thuan Pham, Liliane Robbins, Cameron Sanders, Olivia Smith, Ethan Suderley, Lucas Walker, Thomas Walker, Sarah Woods.


Ella Ardizoni, Paige Ford, Eamon Goscinski, Lincoln Graf, Hailee Lindelof, Leah Marriner, Cole Martin, Anna Metcalf, Nathaniel Porter, Reid Ryan, Evan Rolfe, Kirk Stillman,  Kelsey Talgo, Samuel Veevaert, Dawn Williams.


Grade 10


Hannah Banks, Alicia Berube, Joshua Chun, Kayci Faulkingham, Grace Fitzjurls, Kayla Payson, Sydney Sanders, Jie Ning Zhu.


Vincent Bonarrigo, Dillon Chapman, Elijah Silveira Charbonnier, Anna Coleman, Lindsey Cross, Zachary Cunningham, Autumn Daley, Harmony Dawson, Daniel Groening, Chloe Harvey, Andrew McBride, Gary Moline, Sydni Moores, Dakota Payson, Nathan Phaenephom, Brooke Richards, Emma Richards, Katherine Ritchie, Sophie Richdale, Brian Spaulding, Clarisse Stradtman.


Donovin Armstrong, Dakota Cooper, Kolby Drake, Jordana Duncan, Halie Jerome, Eli Jolliffe, Fletcher Marriner, Olivia Matthews, Zachary Pallotta, Joseph Potter, Eleanor Prespolis, Junne Robertson-Mcintire, Peter Shelton, Nathaniel Sjogren, Hope Thomas.


Grade 11

High Honors:

Samuel Davis, Amy Gaiero, Lucas Hamlin, Annica Kelley, Isobel Kelly, Max Lewis, Brendan Moline, Aiden Pike, Samuel Spectre.


Jared Anderson, Mackenzie Banks, Riley Bonin, Thea Cannon, Jillian Clapp,  Ayla Fitzjurls, Ryan Fitzjurls, Cassidy Jackson, Cali Joseph, Kyra Kilby, Justine Larrabee, Elizabeth Maguire, Trevor Martell, Madison Martz, Logan McHaney, Harrison Merchant, Nathanial Nelson, Tara O’Donovan, Angela Ploysangngam, Dakota Robbins, Isabella Robishaw, Drew Robson, Brian Rollerson, Quinnten Silveira Charbonnier, Rowan Walsh.


Cassie Armstrong, Kahla Braley, Lindsay Bruns, Maya Cunningham, Alyssa Field, Grant Ford, Matthew Kelley, Aiyana Martin, Donald Patten, Audrey Richdale, Heather Riling, Hannah Sanderson, Damien Tripp, Zachary Wood.


Grade 12


Amber Beaulieu, Zoe Deans, Alison DeFeo, Alexander Doyne-Ditmas, Grace Emrich, Olivia Hills, Samantha Hills, Olivia LaRoche, Brianna Rushlow, Alexia Sweet, Kristina Walker, Starr Warner.



Kaylee Allen, Kendra Belden, Norah Belden, Sierra Bowden, Declan Brinn, Angela Buenaflor, Julia Cerone, Chase Curry, McKenzie Eaton, Samuel Flood, Kinley Friend, Samuel Goscinski, Abigail Heath, Madison Hemingway, Emily Jolliffe, Taylor Kinney, Jack Littlefield, Olivia Lovejoy, Kelsey Mehuren, Alexander Newcomb, Charles Resh, James Robbins, Ricky Smith, Stanley Sturgis, Christian Sukeforth, Jacob Waterman, Troy Wiseman, Sabrina Wood, Macartney Wyatt.


Kari Beers, Octavia Evans, Macy Gale, Mya Glidden, Samuel Goguen, Alicia Greene, Britney Grey, Konnor Harford, Charles Lagerbom, Alex Lapierre, Kimberly Newton, Skylar Perkins, Malisha Perrigo, Jesse Perry, William Schnetzer, Clara Snow, Alia Wallace.


Meals for Children and Teens this Summer!

posted Jun 13, 2018, 6:49 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Jun 13, 2018, 6:55 AM ]

There will be free breakfasts and lunches available at various sites over the next couple of summer months. Lunches will be offered at the Waldo County YMCA and Swan Lake State Park. Breakfasts and lunches are available at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast, the Weymouth School in Morrill, and the East Belfast School. Please check out the posters (documents) below for more details.

2018 Photos of Senior Events Here!

posted Jun 8, 2018, 6:06 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Jun 9, 2018, 5:35 AM ]

Thank you Ms. O'Donnell!   Photos of 2018 Events

2018 End of Year Photos

BAHS Students at Snowe Women's Leadership

posted Jun 1, 2018, 6:17 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Jun 1, 2018, 6:18 AM ]

Our BAHS representatives for the Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership program went to EMCC in Bangor on Wednesday, May 30th.  There they networked with business and community leaders from around our state.  They were honored with a luncheon and listened to few words of wisdom from Senator Snowe, who always attends the organization's events.  Tenth grader Anna Coleman was one of three girls who addressed the entire assembly and spoke about what the program has meant to her.  We are so proud of her.  

The tenth grade girls are Anna Coleman, Lindsey Cross, Clarisse Stradtman, Grace Fitzjurls, and Hope Thomas.  Our eleventh grade girls are Isabella Robishaw, Tara O'Donovan, Nancy Kennedy their mentor is pictured with them, Hannah Sanderson, Annica Kelley, and Ayla Fitzjurls. 
Next year the program will welcome five more new tenth graders, and the program will be complete with three classes of young female leaders.  We are so proud to be an Olympia Snowe school. 

Dirigo Boys' State

posted Jun 1, 2018, 6:09 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Jun 1, 2018, 6:19 AM ]

Belfast Area High School is pleased to announce our fantastic four Dirigo Boys State representatives.  Lucas Hamlin, Samuel Spectre, Samuel Davis, and Logan McHaney will be at Dirigo Boys State at Thomas College mid June to learn more about government and leadership.  This is a wonderful leadership opportunity for junior students only.  Go Lions! 

"Backstage: A Musical Conversation"!

posted May 18, 2018, 7:48 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated Jun 1, 2018, 6:09 AM ]

    The Belfast Area High School Drama Clubs and Footlights Booster Club wants to invite you to our original musical, BACKSTAGE: A Musical Conversation. It was written by four of our senior thespians, Macartney Wyatt, Charlie Lagerbom, Alyssa Limburner, and Olivia Andrews. 
    In the musical, BACKSTAGE we begin by meeting Mr. Cole, a Performing Arts Teacher, and his class. Mr. Cole gets frustrated with his class due to his students are fighting and being nasty to one another. In hopes that his class will learn to work together, Mr. Cole sends his class to clean backstage as well as one of the juvenile delinquent to fulfill her detention requirements. Will Mr. Cole's students learn to work together and clean backstage in time to go home? 
    Come and watch this fun and comedic musical to find out. 
               SHOW DATES Thursday, May 24th @ 6:00pm Friday, May 25th NO SHOW Saturday, May 26th @ 7:00pm Sunday, May 27th @ 2:00pm. 

                                                    BACKSTAGE: A MUSICAL CONVERSATION 

Supervisor’s: Judi Erickson and Melora Norman 
Directors: Macartney Wyatt and Charlie Lagerbom 
Producer: Judi Erickson 
Set Designers: Bryan Spaulding and Phoebe Norman 
Set Constructors: All Cast and Tech Light Board Operator: Nathan Phaenephom 
Spotlight Operator: Judi Erickson 
Soundboard Operator: Joezaf Attila Bella 
Tech: Madison Johnson, Tara O' Donovon, and Bryan J. Spaulding 
Henry (The Know-It-All)- Taylor Kinney - Chloe (The Shy One)- Sophie Noomyenooneam Adam (The Jock) Cameron Johnson - Gwen (The Punk)- Alyssa Limeburner - Jasper (The Couple-Male)- Ethan Suderley - Brooke (The Couple-Female) - Thomas (The Hippie)- Aiden Pike - Roxie (The Delinquent)- Mercedez Whitmore - Mr. Cole (The Teacher)- Bryan Spaulding - Pizza Delivery Duo- Kyle Brown & Dylan Mitchell - Football Players- Bryan Spaulding, Kyle Brown & Dylan Mitchell - Gwen’s Mom- TBA - Gwen's Dad-Bryan Spaulding

BAHS Students See Macbeth

posted May 16, 2018, 4:57 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated May 16, 2018, 4:57 AM ]

A group of BAHS students enjoyed seeing Shakespeare's Macbeth broadcast live from London's National Theatre on Thursday, May 10 -- for free! Many thanks to Footlights Boosters, which paid for the transportation, to BAHS parent Jana Herbener, who arranged for this opportunity, and to BAHS parent and staff member Melora Norman, who chaperoned. Students very much enjoyed the show!

Better World Day!

posted May 9, 2018, 10:57 AM by Butch Richards   [ updated May 9, 2018, 10:59 AM ]

Belfast Area High School students in the JMG courses and BCOPE participated in the Better World Day on May 4th. Students helped to clean specific areas of the community.

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